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My wife and I took a trip to Spain, France, Italy and Corsica - visiting several French Riviera ports and sites - these pics represent a sample selection of many beautiful experiences. If you go take your widest angle lens. Most of these shots were taken with a 16mm Fisheye mounted on a Minolta 7D - so the actual was about 24mm also used a 20mm and 70-200mm. The pocket camera of choice was a Fuji Finepix F30!
Eiffel TowerPICT6709DSCF4697PICT6241DSCF4705PICT6251DSCF4709PICT6255DSCF4711PICT6259PICT6263PICT6264PICT6265PICT6268PICT6271PICT6272PICT6274PICT6281PICT6282PICT6777

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