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Created 24-Jul-12
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I wanted to captured the color, depth, and detail that High Dynamic Range (HDR) processing technique permits. Some things in my backyard pond are perfect subjects to do this. Fish no as they move too quickly, but the frogs are perfect subjects since I am shooting up to five frames in rapid succession at 1/3 stop separation and they hold still through the sequence.
PICT4017_8_9PICT4026_7_8PICT4011_2_3PICT4014_5_6PICT4029_30_31_32_33PICT4034_5_6_7_8PICT4039_40_41_42_43  2PICT4039_40_41_42_43PICT4044_48_50_52_54PICT4055_56_57_58_59_60PICT4061_2_3_4_5PICT4066_67_68_69_70PICT4076_77_78_79_80PICT4112_3_4_5_6PICT4081_2_3_4_5PICT4117_18_19_20_21PICT4086_87_88_89_90PICT4122_3_4_5_6PICT4091_2_3_4_5PICT4127_28_29_30_31

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